Big plans for the "Webtastic" app, and "Webtastic App Development"


At MODOKA, we have different visions. We want to do it all! From Content Creation, to App development. In order to realize this vision, we are trying to set up new branches and divisions, in order to keep up an organised, and healthy business.

We want to focus more on publishing video games, and focus less on app development. Since Webtastic is the only released application by MODOKA, we want to do things a little differently once we release Webtastic on Google Play.

We want to spin-off Webtastic and it’s development into a new division: Webtastic App Development. This way, we can let MODOKA focus on games, without losing focus on Webtastic. A few weeks ago, we announced an updated version of Webtastic that we want to release somewhere in the future on the Google Play store.

Hereby we are announcing that anything that is Webtastic related, can be seen on a new domain. We are working hard to make a new smooth website.


When you download your favorite social media application, those apps will take most of the time a lot of space. With Webtastic you can reduce that. Webtastic is an app that shows you the most popular social media application’s web-version, therefore no space will be taken.


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